An Exciting Progress Report

A neighborhood plays an important factor in every child’s life. But for many families, living in a safe neighborhood isn’t an option. When money is tight, families may be forced to live in a community that is not safe. These parents worry about their children’s safety and what affect the environment will have on their child’s development.

Leaven Kids 9-2012-20The children and families served by The Leaven live in these neighborhoods. In fact, we chose to build our centers in these neighborhoods because our friends in law enforcement told us these were the places most in need of our programs.

We opened our Grove Center in one of these neighborhoods, and five years later we are excited by the news we are hearing from our friends at the Fairfield Police Department.

Violent Crime is down by 82% in the East Tabor neighborhood, and property crime is down by 37%. There have also been significant decreases in incidents of trespassing, disturbing the peace, burglary and suspicious persons; many of which are crimes generally associated with children and young adults, like those we serve.

It’s a true team effort that makes community improvements like this possible. The Police departments of all our neighborhoods have been amazing allies to our centers, working hard to help make these streets safer places to live. Teachers and school administrators are also going above and beyond, helping students see their true potential.

Our Leaven programs inspire communities to work together and bring hope to children and communities. We see trends like these at all of our centers, and we are so proud that the efforts of our students are spreading throughout the community.

A safe neighborhood is so important in the life of a child. Five years after our Grove center opened its doors, its Leaven students now have a better, safer home, because together we’re helping kids and communities rise.

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