American Dreams

This weekend we’ll celebrate the birth of our nation, and the freedoms we enjoy living here. It’s one of my favorite celebrations, filled with childhood memories of fairs and fireworks.


Photo by Darin Reyes

While for many of us in California, the celebration will have to go on without fireworks blazing in the sky due to the drought, we know it’s the spirit of the celebration that matters most.

America was built on the promise of opportunity. But for many families, balancing the hard work of raising a family while trying to achieve the American dream, grasping all America offers to those who are willing to work hard can be a real challenge. Families may be forced to choose between putting food on the table and helping their kids with their homework, or taking a second job instead of attending school activities. Time is sometimes their most valuable commodity — and a scarce one, at that.

But thanks to friends like you, Leaven kids have a very special crew helping them each step of the way. Thanks to community partnerships, these kids have true American heroes guiding them in their studies — like soldiers from Travis Air Force Base, police officers, firefighters and local residents.

Our Leaven volunteers remind us every day what this country is all about. It’s about working hard as a community and helping each other so that we all share in the joy of succeeding. Our volunteers demonstrate every day that by giving a little extra help to others, we can make the American dream a reality for kids all over California.

Thank you for joining these heroes by supporting families right in your community. We wish you a safe and festive holiday and we celebrate freedom and God’s blessings to our nation! Together we are helping kids and communities rise.

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