Always on Trend

A few minutes spent watching the news or browsing the internet and you’ll be inundated with pop culture fads, crazes and trends. It might be a song with a catchy tune that is skyrocketing up the charts, or a new phone that is bigger and better than ever.

Leaven - Gwen-9Within a few weeks, we’ll all be talking about something even newer — some new fitness craze, a hot new toy or a celebrity scandal. Trends are fleeting, and yet they are incredibly powerful in our lives and influence the way we think and react to the world around us.

I personally know I am not immune to these fading trends (if my current iTunes playlist is any indication), but under it all, I remember there are certain trends that do not fade; things like smiles, laughter, knowing you are loved by God and others, and the joy of watching children make fresh discoveries are always in vogue.

The benefits of helping children succeed are not a fleeting achievement. When kids succeed in elementary school, the benefits last for a lifetime, encouraging reading, learning and success.

That’s why the kids who come to The Leaven everyday think it’s so awesome, why it’s not just a passing fad for them; instead, it’s an opportunity for a life full of successes and a chance to achieve their hopes and dreams, both within the classroom and out.

Together we are helping kids and communities rise because The Leaven works, not just today, but for years to come because learning is always on trend.

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