Alisa’s Story

Alisa Didn’t Have a Chance

By the fourth grade, she could barely read at a first grade level. And her math skills were just as bad.

Her life at home was a dismal. Brothers who were known as troublemakers in the community, little income coming to the family, a missing father . . . and Alisa was left with a sense of helplessness.

At eight-years-old, she had already given up. She was sullen and defeated. Statistically, she was destined for a life of poverty or something worse.

In tears, Alisa’s mother came to us asking for help. Could we somehow help Alisa grow before it was too late?

We Knew We Had to Act Fast…

Immediately we placed Alisa at the first-grade table so she wouldn’t be overwhelmed. And we made her “Table Chief”, a position used to encourage and exemplify good attitudes, study habits and citizenship to younger friends.

Soon, Alisa began to blossom! Her natural leadership and organizational skills began to surface. Her enthusiasm began to grow as her studies improved.

Now, just six short months later, Alisa’s math and reading scores are at a high 3rd-grade level! Six months helped her gain three years.

Alisa’s  confidence  is  soaring!  She’s  received  her  first  award  ever  at  school and appears to be ready to soon excel beyond her grade level.

With the help of supporters like you and a host of volunteers, Alisa is no longer a statistic, she’s a child with a bright and unlimited future.

What  a  team  effort  that’s  impacted  a  child’s  transformation!

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