A Single Change

In an unfortunate turn of events, I’ve spent the last several days battling a summertime flu. Fortunately for me I caught a mild version that only resulted in a fever, but as I lay on my couch all day Tuesday, I couldn’t help but sigh a bit at how annoying this minor illness was.

Photo by Darin Reyes

Photo by Darin Reyes

I was tired, I couldn’t eat, I felt terrible and my mind was a mess; yet all that was physically wrong with me was a slight elevation in temperature. Even now, days later, I still feel the after-affects of what was such a small illness.

It reminds me of how even the smallest of changes can lead to much greater effects, both good and bad, throughout our lives.

For kids at The Leaven, one of the biggest changes in their lives begins when they meet just one person — our local Leaven center’s Site Director.

These dedicated mentors don’t just run the day-to-day operations of each of our Leaven centers;they’re also some of our student’s strongest allies as they work not just with the students, but their entire support network of adults, helping to foster a environment for each student that helps them reach their full potential.

They are true super heroes to each of our Leaven students, and we are so thankful for their caring hearts and giving spirits. If you’d like to get to know our Site Directors, visit http://www.myleaven.com/leaven-community/#staff or sign-up to volunteer with The Leaven, and work with them to make a huge difference in the lives of Leaven kids right here in our community.

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