A Safe Place

Each of our 16 Leaven centers provide year-round tutoring and mentoring to up to 30 students, but they offer another essential service that is part of why our programs are so successful at reducing crime: a safe place. In addition to providing a fun and productive environment for learning, each of our centers also provides 605 hours of care in a safe environment for the children we serve.

Photo by Darin Reyes

This means that every day, instead of going home to an empty house or wandering the neighborhood, Leaven kids come to our learning centers where they can relax and just be children, knowing they are safe from the crime and negative influences that may surround their neighborhoods.

So we keep our centers safe through a multi-pronged approach.

It starts with our staff and volunteers, who are all intensely screened and trained to make sure they can provide the safe guidance the children need to help them grow up healthy and happy. These checks include fingerprinting and background checks, even personality exams with our staff to make sure they are the right fit for the position.

We also work closely with community managers and owners to make sure that our centers put safety first. Each location is built or retrofitted with security as a focus, with daily inspections to make sure our centers meet our high safety standards every time our students come in the doors.

We meet with parents and neighbors, making sure to walk the neighborhood and get to know the people who live there. Making communities safer starts with the residents who live there and we know these families are just as eager as we are to make their neighborhood a better place to live. We help residents take ownership – and pride in their neighborhoods, which makes the community safer for everyone.

We are proud to be a community partner to communities like Alamo Gardens, where crime rates dropped by 54% in just six months. At Dana Drive, the Fairfield Police Department report that crime cases went from 64 in 2013 to just 29 in 2016! And 2017 is looking to be even better, with only 4 reported cases so far.

Creating a safe place for children to learn starts by making sure we do our best to provide a space where parents can feel good about sending their children every day; we focus on inspiring change, and we are proud every time we see our neighborhoods improve from within, one after another.

We are so grateful to see the peace within our walls extending to the community as a whole. We couldn’t do it without the prayer and support we receive from friends like you. Together we’re helping kids and communities rise, and that makes us a team that communities can count on!

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