A Leaven Christmas Carol

Twas’ two weeks before Christmas, and throughout the state,

Leaven kids were busy, getting ready for that important date.

12342374_10156301245190181_7934899869745490615_nThey’re making stockings and garlands out of paper and glue,

and practicing their reading as good boys and girls do.

Just last year, they weren’t feeling so breezy,

Because falling grades were making them uneasy.

Their reading was difficult, addition was too,

And they’re parents were nervous, not knowing what to do.


But thanks to The Leaven and our friends like you,

Now they’re succeeding in reading – and arithmetic too!

And this Christmas while sitting by the tree,

Each of their faces will be full of smiles and glee.


So this Christmas, surrounded by family,

Remember Leaven kids are reading happily.

You’re making a difference in all of their lives,

and together we’re helping kids and communities rise!

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