A Day in the Life of a Leaven Kid

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a Leaven kid is like?

It starts in the morning when they wake up. Some of them are helped by a family member: a parent, a grandmother, an older sibling; while others take care of their own needs, or even help their younger siblings. Their hardworking parents may already be at work, or may have just returned home after working all night.

61414_10153031330205181_694806489_nThey head to school and sit down in their classroom. Here, because of budget cuts, often every seat is full. Their teachers work hard to give everyone the attention needed, but there just isn’t enough time in the day. If a student doesn’t understand the lesson, he or she may be left behind, despite our teacher’s best efforts

Without The Leaven, they would head home after school. Their parents may still be at work, or only have a few hours or even minutes to spend time with their children because of household chores and needs of other family members. When the kids pull out their homework, their parents might not be able to help due to language barriers or gaps in their own education. The children try to finish their homework alone. And when they run into trouble, they fall further behind, a little more every day.

But when they come to The Leaven, their struggles can begin to fade away. Here, they receive personalized attention so they not only get their homework done but also improve their reading and math skills so their overall performance in school will improve.

We also focus on behavior, teaching our students how to deal with anger and frustration, and how to resolve conflicts in a healthy way. We teach them about respect, both for themselves and others. We teach them about bullying and how to treat others in a positive way.

And we work directly with their teachers and parents, so that we can support all the important people in each child’s life; creating a team for each child to rely on, helping them feel secure and cared for.

Leaven kids want to succeed; they just need a little help. Their parents want them to learn and have access to opportunities, and they are grateful for our help.  But we couldn’t provide that help without friends like you. Because all of us care about each of these children, we are helping kids and communities rise.

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